Things You Need to Know About Casinos in Asia

Things You Need to Know About Casinos in Asia

The ever-growing popularity of online casinos in Asia is a reason enough to search for the best online casinos in Asia. While there is a myriad of reasons, the common ones that drive players to try out their luck involve quick payouts, easy withdrawals, attractive bonus for beginners, etc.

The rise and growth of online casinos in Asia

While the reasons are many, online casinos have grown significantly over the last decade in the western countries. While Asia has witnessed a demand for both online and conventional casinos in recent times, the options for gambling are plenty.

Malaysia and Singapore are at the forefront as the popular traditional casinos in Asia. However, speaking about online casinos in Asia, China, and India are not far behind.

A Comprehensive Study of Growth of Online Casinos in Popular Asian Countries

Surprisingly, the Philippines is the home to the largest online casino operations in Asia. In fact, it is authorized and run by the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators or POGO. Moreover, online casinos are considered to be legal in this Asian country.

Also, China trailed by Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, etc. are the other popular casino destinations. Nevertheless, online gambling legislation and regulations vary from one country to another.

The reason for the rapid growth of casinos in Asia is the affordability level and a massive number of players, with 60% of the global population from Asia.

Best Casinos in Asia

Not just in Europe, gambling has always been a fun sport in Asia since immemorial time. Who could forget the Indian wagers as early as in 1500 BC when the simple game of dice resulted in great losses and battles? In recent times, however, online casinos have taken over other online gaming as the payouts are high.

According to research, there are 26 countries in Asia that have at least one casino. In fact, the largest casino in the world is Venetian Macau. Some of the popular casinos in Asia are in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, the UAE, etc.

Best Online Casinos in Asia

Although half the countries have casinos in Asia, the online version of the game is quite illegal in most of them. While a few countries have selective states that legalize online casinos, the others frown upon it.

Nevertheless, online casinos with cryptocurrency options make your winnings legal in such countries. Here re some of the best online casinos in Asia with this option; 22Bet, 10cric, Spin Casino, Royal Panda.

How have cryptocurrencies influenced the popularity of online casinos in Asia?

The ease to deposit and withdraw their winnings is what attracts most of the online casino players. Nevertheless, gambling regulations and legalities that differ from one country to another make the money-related issues difficult to tackle. This is where the cryptocurrencies or the digital coins come into the picture.

Whether online casinos are legal or not, the cryptocurrencies make it easier to handle deposits and withdrawals in online casinos as they are never under any jurisdiction. In fact, cryptocurrencies are a sure-shot means to indulge in online gambling without having to bother about any legalities.

Moreover, they make the experience safe where you can conveniently deposit to play and withdraw your winnings. With this added security, most of the online casino players are particularly seeking online casinos in Asia, offering the option of digital currency.


While cryptocurrencies play a catalytical role in the growing popularity of online casinos in Asia, it is the thrill of the game that entices millions of players to try out their luck. Although online casinos in Asia are dominant in certain parts like China, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore, countries like India are soon catching up. Nevertheless, the legalities and regulations of casinos in Asia differ from one country to another.

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